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Swift Brickwork Contractors Limited

Our oldest client and a client for whom working is an absolute pleasure. Swift Brickwork Contractors Limited are responsible for a growing number of the UK’s most prestigious construction projects. From British Airways HQ at Heathrow in 1995 to the New Tate Modern in 2016 Swift Brickwork Contractors have always worked towards being the best.

As you would imagine the calibre of projects undertaken by Swift Brickwork Contractors Limited require the highest levels of craftsmanship and knowledge. The specification and selection of the appropriate materials and techniques are also critical when trying to achieve the high end, authentic finish that our clients expect.

Since it’s formation nearly 25 years ago Swift Brickwork Contractors Limited has been instrumental in the development of some of the countries best known
With a workforce of over 500 skilled tradesmen and professionally qualified management teams it has established itself as tried and tested supplier to the UK construction industry.

Service provided

Corporate Communications

At TCMC we believe that the delivery of a clear and accurate corporate message extremely important. Every item of communication that Leaves Swift Brickwork Contractors Limited demonstrates a clear message of discipline, accuracy and attention to detail.

During our time working together we have established, and are committed to, the consistent delivery of high quality communications. Our Industry recognised design team has been designing and developing all forms of external communications for nearly 14 years.

Typical Corporate Communication Projects

Corporate stationery:
  • Company Letterheads
  • Continuation sheets
  • Compliment slips
  • Business cards
  • Branded envelopes
Proposals & Reporting:
  • Project proposals
  • Client presentations
  • Financial Reports
  • Client reports
  • Project schedules.

Corporate Compliance

Any of Swift Brickwork Contractors Limited's completed projects are a true testimony to the skill, dedication, teamwork and hard work required to deliver what most consider to be impossible.

With a company such as Swift Brickwork Contractors the transparency of its working practices and staff welfare are of vital importance. Everyone within the company as well as any freelance or subcontract labour must be aware of the companies standing on such important issues.

The safety and welfare of its staff is something that Swift Brickwork Contractors Limited takes extremely seriously. This said, we must deliver up-to- date, Concise information that safeguards both the individual on site as well as Swift Brickwork Contractors itself.

Current Compliance Documentation

Compliance Documents:
  • 2016 Worksafe Policy Statement
  • 2016 Equal opportunities Statement
  • Quality Policy Statement
  • 2016 Environmental Policy Statement
  • 2016 Alcohol & Drugs policy Statement

Web Design

TCMC Creative Design’s web design & development services consistently deliver high-quality websites that perform well and grab the attention of the required target audience.

At TCMC Creative our expertise and skill are matched only by our passion and dedication to provide our clients with aesthetically pleasing, and user-friendly websites that enhance their digital outlook and create new opportunities.

Using the most up-to-date tools and methods, TCMC Creative produce strikingly unique web designs and websites that create interest and intrigue for their intended target audience. We’re a full service web design & web development company that gets involved from concept to implementation and management.

When considering the Pequod website redesign the sites format was carefully considered, The decision was made to develop a WordPress based Content managed site. The Content Management System (or CMS) that WordPress provides would give Pequod the options and abilities they will need going forward.

If you have a forthcoming eCommerce project and require some assistance or advice, we would be delighted to help.

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